Assistance in obtaining funds for internationalization of companies.

Our company can follow the whole course of preliminary phase, under the SIMEST organization, for supplying the funds for company internationalization.

Meeting of technological and industrial innovations in the light of renewal of production processes

The immense knowledge and opportunities handled at various levels allows our company to support companies that become our clients, while also providing useful industry information for the processes of innovation and re-industrialization of processes already under way.

Creation of joint venture

The appeal of "made in Italy" is still very strong worldwide: the know-how stems from the tradition and knowledge of Italian entrepreneurs and is sought in various countries in order to create joint ventures with local entrepreneurs.

Market revision

A good market revision allows you to properly analyze the market and to adjust to the peculiarities of a business offer.

Procurement of raw materials

Often the Italian companies that produce in Italy can find raw materials abroad for the process of production and at very attractive prices.

About us

Our company is present all over the world and our aim is to provide consulting and assistance services and to create connections with focus on the internationalization of companies and professionals. Today for our clients, we plan and provide funds for internationalization programs aimed at placing Italian know-how or products on the markets.

We develop projects and manage to obtain funds for extra-EU internationalization programs. These funds can be obtained very quickly, 60-90 days are needed for the disbursement for the programs which are to be realized in the country of destination.

Our company, after decades of experience all over the world, can be a valuable asset to companies that want a dimensional and / or cultural growth. Our mission is to assist our clients, suppliers and partners with quality advice in legal, commercial, tax, customs and any other necessary field, concerning small and big questions which are faced in international markets on daily basis, which we do worldwide.


Increasing their turnover

Whether commercial, industrial or professional;



Assisting our clients in obtaining funds from national and EU funds for corporate growth and institutional development, as well as for the promotion of industrial and commercial initiatives supported by us.



Promoting business aggregation, where necessary



Generate networking opportunities all over the world

European funds

One of the areas of expertise of our company is the research for available international funding and the development of projects for the withdrawal of these funds. In this field, we take advantage of the vast network of international and national bodies and organizations which carry out research of financing dedicated to research and innovation projects under the Horizon 2020 program.